Rabbi Avraham Gombo – Founder and Principal

Rabbi Avraham Gombo A renowned and respected educator, Rabbi Avraham Gombo supervises the educational staff at the Achiya Learning Center in Bnei Brak and assures that all of Achiya’s services conform to the requirements of Jewish law. Rabbi Gombo is the principal of the  largest Talmud Torah (boy’s school) in Bnei Brak and Heads the Committee of the Talmud Torah Israel 






Yitzchak Levin – Founder and General Manager

Yitzchak Levin As General Manager since Achiya’s inception, Yitzchak Levin works to broaden the scope of Achiya’s activity in terms of therapeutic interventions for learning- challenged children, training for teachers, and support for parents. Under his leadership, Achiya has gained full accreditation from the Ministries of Education, Health and Welfare, and has grown to become the standard-setter for the identification and treatment of learning differences in orthodox communities in Israel and throughout the world. Mr. Levin holds a B.A. in Educational Counseling from Bar Ilan University and a MA in Educational Management.




Teachers’ Training College  


Shmuel Teller – Study Coordinator

Renowned educator and Educational Counselor, Rabbi Teller is a veteran at the Achiya College, serving as Study Coordinator for the past 15 years. Also serves as Pedagogical Counselor at the Ministry of Education and as Educational Counselor at the Belz Talmud Torah in Ashdod.

M.A. Educational Counseling Orot College





Avraham Berkowitz –
National Branch Coordinator of the Teacher’s Training College

Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz

 Mr. Berkowitz supervises the logistical and pedagogical needs of Achiya’s 14 Teacher Training branches throughout Israel. He works with the branch coordinators and is Achiya’s spokesman, meeting with the colleges’s students throughout the country.

Holds an MA in Educational Management.







Senior Staff – Learning Centers


Gad Doer
Didactic advisor and Educational Psycholinguist

Dr. Doer is the originator of a reading acquisition program designed especially for learning disabled Talmud Torah children, which is based on traditional methods of Jewish learning.

Dr. Doer holds a doctorate inpsycholinguistics from the Sorbonne University.






Rabbi David Unger
Pedagogical Supervisor and Didactic Diagnostician of the Reading Department

Rabbi Ungar supervises a staff of 13 remedial teachers at Achiya’s Reading Department. Rabbi Unger also serves as an educational supervisor in 38 Talmudei Torah and is a consultant to several educational institutions in the Diaspora. Rabbi Unger lectures on the Reading Process and  Pedagogy at the Achiya Teacher’s Training College.

He holds a B.A. in didactic diagnostics from Bar Ilan University.





Rabbi Yaakov Weingarten
Supervisor and didactic diagnostician of the Gemara Department.

Rabbi Weingarten supervises a staff of 10 remedial teachers in Gemarra studies at Achiya. Rabbi Weingarten also serves as supervisor of the Ohel Asher Special Education School. and as an educational consultant in several Talmudei Torah in Bnei Brak.

He holds a B.A. in didactic diagnostics from Bar Ilan University.





Senior Staff – Child Developmental Center


Sefi Cohen Therapist and Counselor  of the Physiotherapy Department


Ms. Cohen has been working within the Charedi community since 1992 as a diagnostician and therapist at the Maccabi Health Clinic in Bnei-Brak. She is a graduate of Bobath (neurodevelopment treatment) for children and babies and also specializes in the treatment of premature infants. Cohen holds a B.A. in physiotherapy from Tel-Aviv University. Ms. Cohen counsels a staff of 10 physiotherapists at Achiya.





Maya Sarig – Director of Hydrotherapy


Ms. Sarig is a certified physiotherapist and hydro therapist. She oversees a staff of 20 hydro-therapists and evaluates children who come to Achiya for hydrotherapyMs. Sarig has former experience working at hospitals and a children’s rehabilitation clinic..


Holds a B.A. in Physical Therapy from the University of Haifa, and is a graduate of Wingate’s Hydrotherapy Training Program.