The Achiya Childhood Center in Elad

A new home to nurture young children in Central Israel

The Achiya Childhood Center in Elad

The Achiya Childhood Center in Elad

Elad is one the fastest growing young cities in Israel’s central region. Close to 50% of the city’s residents are children (infants through age 9) and the population of Elad is expected to double – by 2030.

As in any population, 15% of children in Elad will need paramedical developmental therapies to ensure their healthy progress and to thrive.

Since 2004, Achiya has provided paramedical care to Elad’s children in a temporary structure provided by the Elad municipality. In light of the success of the program, and the growing need of the community, government authorities turned to Achiya to establish a permanent Center so that hundreds of children will no longer have to be wait-listed in order to begin time-sensitive treatments for speech, occupational, physical and emotional therapies.

Treatment delayed is treatment denied!

Growing children are unable to bridge developmental gaps. Even seemingly minor issues. If untreated at an early age, can become lifelong disabilities.


Your partnership will enable the children of Elad to reap the benefits if  of a new – state – of- the – art Achiya Center in Elad.


The New Elad Childhood Center




Achiya is building a new Childhood Center in Elad to be opened in November 2020. The construction of the new Childhood Center is supported by Elad Municipality, the National Insurance Institute and private philanthropists. The Center has secured grants from the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation and the Wohl Foundation.

At almost four times the size of our current quarters, Achiya professionals will treat thousands of children each year in a warm encouraging environment at the new Elad facility. The 908 square meter (9,700 square foot) building will have designated spaces for sensory, language and emotional therapies. In addition, the new facility will enable Achiya to introduce therapeutic strategies adding a new dimension of treatment with tools and services that will help each child to thrive.


Vitally necessary are the grants to provide essential equipment and furnishing for the Childhood Center. Here are several dedication opportunities:



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Children with varies developmental delays are treated in a life-like room that mirrors a home. They learn to function effectively in the kitchen, bedroom and laundry room with guidance and practice. Learning to maneuver in the makeshift supermarket is especially helpful to children and parents alike.



This room will provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy and play therapy to so many deserving children.

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When trained therapists guide children in planting and tending a garden, the children gain multiple benefits that improve their functioning in varied physio-motor skill delays and issues of emotional regulation.

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When an individual child’s issues affect the entire family, parents and siblings will receive professional guidance in this safe and comfortable room.

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This room will enable educators, therapist and family members to see professional at work and gain insight into identifying varied developmental delays and physio-motor issues.

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