Achiya’s New Center in Bnei Brak


The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Learning Center




Achiya’s network of developmental and learning centers has made the Israeli Haredi public aware of the importance of early professional intervention for children with learning disabilities. As a result, since Achiya’s establishment twenty years ago the demand for its services has grown tenfold. To meet this growing need and to streamline its services, Achiya has relocated to a new, four story building in the center of Bnei Brak.



The 2,500 square meter Center provides a comprehensive range of services under one roof, facilitating consultation between our multi-disciplinary staff and making it possible for Achiya to enlarge its professional staff, expand community outreach and increase therapeutic hours by 50%.  
Achiya’s new center includes: Therapeutic Water Center, Child Developmental Center, Learning Center, ADHD Center.
In the planning stage : A children’s library and adult reference library.



                1st Floor Child Developmental Center                             2nd Floor – Learning Centers



The Learning Center and Developmental Center were opened in November 2011. The Therapeutic Water Centeris available for service from May 2013.



Basement Floor / Hydrotherapy Center







We hope to begin construction of the Children’s Library in the very near future.


The Library


Many thanks to Achiya’s supporters and partners who have made it possible for our vision to become a reality. They include the National Insurance Institute of Israel who helped us to complete the Therapeutic Water Center and the Child Developmental Center, as well as a very generous donors who prefer to remain anonymous.

We wish to express our deep appreciation to the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, who made it possible to continue construction of the Center.


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