Achiya Language Skills Program Featured in National Education Conference

May 8, 2014

Language Skills Program      

On Thursday, May 1, 2014, Achiya was honored to have its Language Skill Program featured at a nationwide conference attended by some 450 department and region supervisors from the Department of Education.  Mrs. Ruth Elmaliach, coordinator of nationwide Haredi Education, opened the presentation with a few words explaining how program fills a real need to provide male preschool teachers in the Talmud Torah system, most who never received any professional training, with tools to enrich children’s language abilities. Ricki Ardan, head of the Haredi education at Ashalim, said a few words about Ashalim’s contribution to developing educational programs within the Haredi community.


Tzali Perlstein, head of the Language Skills Program gave a short presentation, including two film clips, explaining the importance of the program and how it has impacted the Haredi community. Afterwards, Shlomo Feuerstein enthralled the audience with stories of his personal experiences working “out on the field” with the teachers.


Following the symposium, Achiya received numerous letters and emails from participants, applauding our initiative and ability to make real inroads into Hareidi education.