The Achiya Principal Conference on ADHD

December 4, 2014

facebook 1On Tuesday, November 18, Achiya held a one day conference on ADHD for 240 Talmud Torah Principals. The conference’s impact was immediate. Following the conference, one of the principals told Rabbi Levin, Director of Achiya, “This morning I came to a very difficult decision. I realized that I had no choice but to insist that Shmuel, who has ADHD, leave our school. But after attending the conference, I came to the conclusion that is our responsibility to help Yosef succeed. And now, armed with all the information that I received at the conference, I’m sure we will.”


The full day conference took place at the rustic Tzipori Hotel, on Kibbutz Chafetz Chaim. The principals head schools across the Haredi spectrum – Chassidic, Litvak and Sefardi – from 21 locations throughout Israel. The information and educational tools they learned will impact over 60,000 students.

Among the speakers:

Among the speakers:

  • Dr. Ered Kodesh, psychiatrist, Director of Mental Health in Israel
  • Rabbi Mordechai Beeri, School counselor and Director of the Achiya ADHD     Program
  • Rabbi Gombo, Principal Achiya
  • Rabbi Dr. Ayal Ungar, Psychotherapist in family therapy, and Director of Hesagim
  • Rabbi Yitzchak Levin, Director Achiya
  • Mr. Tzvika Levin, Coach

Members of the Panel:

  • Rav Shmuel Myberg, Psychologist
  • Rav Michel Mendrowitz, Principal
  • Rav Chaim Branwein, Educator and expert in ADHD
  • Rav Pinchas Breyer, Educator