I Can Be ME! A Music Therapist helps a little girl understand that she can be herself.

October 6, 2014

calendar Nechama Peldini, a Music Therapist at Achiya shared the following story with us. The story is about a little girl named Rachel. But instead of me telling the story, I’ll let Rachel tell it:

“I…I…don’t know.” That’s all I could say two weeks ago, when, during my therapy session at Achiya, Nechama suggested that I write a song. A song about me.

I didn’t tell her that I had already written several songs. I keep them in my shiny pink notebook, the one that my grandmother gave me for my birthday. The one with the lock and key.

I get really upset whenever I think about what happened last year, when I was in fifth grade. The teacher divided our class into groups and asked each group to prepare something special for the Chanukah party. I had a great idea for a song for our group to sing, but of course I didn’t dare to say a thing. In the end, as ALWAYS, Riki said that her sister had an absolutely amazing idea for a game, and of course, that’s what we did. Personally, I think a song is much nicer than a game, but I would never argue with Riki! No way!

Nechama refused to give up. She INSISTED that I write a song, and to tell you the truth, I really did want to write one together with her, but of course I would never, ever SAY such a thing!

At first, I only wrote two words, but Nechama didn’t give up. She prodded me with questions that made me think. And in the end, I wrote a song. Yes, of course Nechama helped me, but it was my song; I wrote it, and it’s about ME.

The song was… magnificent! After I finished writing it, she played on the piano, and we sang it together. I think was very brave to sing it with her, but I did.

I really love my song. Yesterday, I sang it for my younger sister, Yehudit. But first I made sure that no one else was listening.

Here are my favorite lines:

I climb high up, up onto the stage

And to the audience below, I happily wave

My mother, my friends, and my family

They’re all sitting there and watching me, yes, ME!

Oh, how I wish this would really happen, and that it wouldn’t just be in a song that I made up. Oh, how I wish that I could really perform on stage for my friends and family…

After Nechama and I finished writing the song, we had only two more sessions left before my time with her would be up and I’d have to stop coming. It’s going to be hard to stop. I love coming to her each week. We speak about all kinds of things, and we sing, and we play the piano together.

Thanks to Nechama, I discovered that I have lots of ideas and that I’m really very talented. Maybe next time there is a class party, I’ll suggest to Shushie (she’s my friend, and the kids listen to her) that the two of us write a song for the entire class to sing.

Today, I chose a picture from the calendar to give to Nechama. The picture shows how I feel about all the sessions we had together. It’s of a city lights at night. I used to be inside the darkness. No one noticed me, no one heard me, and I never dared to make myself heard.

But now, I am in the light, and the darkness has disappeared.

My teacher told me that a bit of light dispels much darkness. I feel that that about my sessions with Nechama, I could say, “A lot of light dispels the darkness.”

At our last therapy session, Nechama suggested that I sing our song again. I looked in the page, and decided to change a few words. I don’t need to be on a stage for my mother, friends and family to see me. 

I’m here, for me

That’s the way it should be.