Chassidic Niggunim in Vienna

July 16, 2014


Music opens a window to the soul


Nir Seri, a music therapist at the Achiya Emotional Therapy Department in Bnei Brak was honored with giving a presentation at the prestigious International Conference of Music Therapy, this year held in Vienna Austria (


The topic of this year’s conference was Cultural Diversity in Music Therapy Practice, Research and Education. Seri’s presentation focused on his personal journey of discover as he tried to enter the world of his ultra-Orthodox clients through their music. The presentation was the final stage of Seri’s thesis, under the direction of Dr. Avi Galboa, who chairs the Department of Music Therapy at the Michlala College in Jerusalem.


In an enthusiastic letter to his colleagues in Achiya, Seri wrote, “I gained tremendously from the international community of music therapies, both in actual knowledge, as well as creative ideas for implementing that knowledge. Music really is a language without borders! At the Conference’s opening ceremony, Chassidic music was played while presenting the Israeli representatives.