Children Travel up to Four Hours to Come to Achiya

April 28, 2014


Could you imagine taking three buses and traveling for a total of four hours to take be evaluated for ADHD? Yet, each year, some 300 children come to Achiya, some from such distant communities as Tsfat and Yerucham,  to take the computerized Moxo test to check for signs of ADHD.

Since the Moxo test is widely available throughout Israel, we asked one mother why she chose to travel from a different city to bring her daughter to be tested at Achiya: “My doctor recommended that we come to Achiya. He explained that although the test is available in our city, he trusted Achiya to provide us with a comprehensive evaluation that we could understand, as well as guidance for the future. The hassle of traveling was worth it to know that we could rely on the results.”.