Dr. Gilboa’s GIFT – a screening tool for Haredi children

April 1, 2014

Culturally Adapted Screening Tool

A screening tool needs to be culturally adapted to the population it’s screening, otherwise, it just ain’t gonna work right.  And if the screening tool is easy enough for laymen to use, well, that makes it even better.

Dr. Yaffit Gilboa, OT, a lecturer at the University of Haifa’s Department of Occupational Therapy, lecturer at Mivchar Academic College, Bnei Brak, and head of Occupationa  Therapy for Maagan Achiya has developed a new, easy-to-use yet extremely accurate tool to screen young children for signs of developmental delays.

GIFT – Gilboa Test Functional, captures real-life graphomotor skills performance in the classroom, providing information about children’s ability to function within the context of their natural environments. The screening lasts about twenty minutes and includes copying basic geometric figures, coloring within lines, using scissors, drawing a person and writing the first name.

 GIFT screening was performed, together with more traditional screening methods, on children studying at the preschools participating in the Maagan Achiya Program, which screens young boys learning in the Haredi Cheder system for signs of developmental of language delays, and then provide those children in need of intervention with the help they need, inside the school.  Initial research has showed the GIFT to be an excellent first stage screening tool. It is our hope that it will be widely used within the regular preschool as a first step in providing children with the help they need.