Fifteen Years Later….

February 15, 2015
 “You can’t imagine how I felt,” says Tzivia Greenberg, Director of Development at Achiya. “I couldn’t believe that after so many years, not only did Yisrael’s mother remember us, but was still so intensely grateful for how Achiya helped her son.”
Mrs. Cohen (name changed to protect privacy)  phoned Achiya to personally invite Rabbi Eisen, administrative director of Achiya’s Learning Center, and Rabbi Shlomo Kortzud, Remedial Reading Specialist, to her son, Yisrael’s wedding. Rabbi Kortzud had been Yisrael’s tutor fifteen years ago, when Yisrael was just six years old.
“My son, Yisrael, was not managing in kindergarten,” explained Mrs. Cohen. “He was kept back a year, yet he still couldn’t keep up with the other children.  He felt like a failure, and was a social misfit. Then we brought him to Achiya. Within three months – three months! – he became a different child!”
“Achiya’s motto is ‘learn that you can,'” continued Mrs. Cohen. “When Yisrael discovered that he can; that he can read, and that he ca understand, he became self-confident. Within a very short time he went from being the class nebuch to one of the more popular boys.
“Yisrael’s road to success began with Achiya,” continued Mrs. Cohen. “That’s why it’s so important for us that Rabbi Eizen and Rabbi Kortzud celebrate his wedding with us.”