The Institute for National Security Visits Achiya

December 10, 2013

DSC_0014 The Institute for National Security, an organization of IDF officers and elite security units, recently visited Achiya’s Learning Center in Bnei Brak to get an inside view of Haredi life in Israel. Rabbi Gombo and Yitzchak Levin were present to greet the guests and show them around the new building. The officials were impressed at Achiya’s ability to combine the highest level of professionalism with strict adherence to the halachic laws of modesty.


At the Hydrotherapy Center, they met a group of adolescent boys with severe disabilities who were leaving the pool after a group hydrotherapy session. The boys were literally jumping up and down as they shared their enthusiasm with the guests.  


While visiting the Developmental Center on the first floor, one of Achiya’s speech therapist talked about the challenges of a non-Haredi therapists working with Haredi youngsters. At the ADHD Center, Rabbi Be’eri spoke about the specific challenges of a Haredi child with Attention Deficiency Disorder.


During the visit to the Learning Center, everyone (including the boy’s tutor) was surprised when one of the students requested to speak to the guests. “Over the course of this year,” said the twelve year old boy, “I look forward to my twice a week tutoring session.  Thanks to Achiya, I am finally able to keep up with the rest of my class. I could not manage without Achiya!”