These Kids Don’t Need to be Egged On to Have Fun!

March 12, 2014


Because I grew up in Northern California, I associate decorating an egg with a certain non-Jewish Spring holiday. But for Israeli children, a decorated egg conjures up images of a beloved, well-known children’s book, The Egg that Disguised Itself.


 On March 4, Achiya’s Creative Thinking program in Holon sponsored a gala Purim event “Disguising the Egg.” Over fifty children, together with their parents spent an afternoon laughing, singing, and, in the words of Tzali Perlstein, Program Coordinator, “Getting their creative juices flowing.”  From pictures, and the enthusiastic comments of both parents and children, the children had a wonderful time, while coming up with some zanily beautiful creations! 


הפנינג פורים

Purim happening compressed