Nir Sari, Music Therapist at Achiya presents paper at the World Congress of Music Therapy

April 1, 2014


Nir Sari Music Therapist at AchiyaNir Sari has been working as a Music Therapist at Achiya’s Creative Expression Therapy department for the last four years. Since the majority of his clients are Haredi boys, he felt it was important to learn more about Haredi children’s music.


As part of his Master’s thesis, under the direction of Dr. Avi Gilboa, Head of the Department of  Music Therapy at the Jerusalem Michlalah College,  Nir visited several Ultra-Orthodox boys’ schools and spoke with numerous teachers and principals, to learn the stories behind the music.  He discovered a rich repertoire of diverse music.


The results of Nir’s research will be presented at the prestigious World Congress of Music Therapy 2014 that will take place July 7-12 in Vienna, Austria.