Pedagogical Library reaches out to teachers throughout Israel, and beyond

May 29, 2014

pedagogical database

 Each month, Achiya’s Pedagogical Library sends over 1000 emails to teachers throughout Israel and beyond, containing relevant pedagogical material according to the teachers’ specific needs. 


The project, brainstorm of Rabbi Chaim Rosenstein, head librarian at the Achiya Pedagogical Library located at the Bnei Brak branch of the Teachers’ Training College, was created in response to the hundreds of phone calls, some from as far away as New York (!) requesting pertinent material to help the teachers create exciting lessons. 


The library’s computerized didactic database contains over 1,200 files, including lesson plans, instructions for arts and crafts projects, worksheets, tests, illustrated material and more, divided into subjects (including halacha, holidays, math, grammar, the weekly parshah, and more) and according to age levels. 


We invite teachers, both in Israel and well as abroad, to participate in this special project. Register to receive a monthly email! Send us your lesson plans, worksheets, and innovative ideas! Let’s help one another, for the sake of our children’s education! 

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