Professional Enrichment Program

January 7, 2014


It’s important for all educators to attend a professional enrichment  program, but in the Haredi Talmud Torah system, where most male preschool  teachers have little or no professional training, it is absolutely crucial. That’s one of the reasons that as part of our Maagan program (which provides screening and intervention in the preschool) Achiya runs a monthly symposium for preschool teachers.


This month’s symposium was facilitated by Rabbi Mundrowitz, a well-known lecturer on child development and a staff member of Achiya’s Teachers’ Training College. He started off by emphasizing the importance of early education in general, and of treating minor problems before they become major. In a dynamic discussion, teachers brought up specific problems, and together with the lecturer, came up with options for treatment.  Throughout the discussion, Rabbi Mundreowitz emphasized that an effective teacher must put his heart into his students, remain focused on the child, rather than the curriculum, and remember that he has a responsibility toward the next generation.  Afterwards, the teachers were given tips on what to look for when observing their young charges.


At the conclusion of the three hour symposium, the teachers universally agreed that they had gained valuable tools to improve their teaching abilities.