Rafael’s Story

December 15, 2014

sad boyTen year old Rafael Cohen is the third Cohen boy to get help at the Achiya Learning Center.He’s the youngest of ten kids, and although he is intelligent, he needs specialized tutoring to master reading.


Rafael’s father is a talmid chacham who devotes his days and nights to limud Torah. His mother does not work, at least not outside of the house. As you can imagine, money in the Cohen household is very, very tight. And the family has lots of extra expenses.. Recently, they went through a very challenging time when one of the daughters was diagnosed with cancer. After months of lengthy hospital stays and days running from one doctor to the next, thank G-d she is finally in remission, but the tension and lack of routine took a huge toll on the children. All ten of them are now having problems in school, and one of the teenage boys got into so much trouble that he had to be placed in a therapeutic treatment center, which is far from cheap.


So far, Rafael has received two months of specialized reading help. We assume that in the future, he will also need help with learning Gemara


There are dozens of boy like Rafael waiting to get the help they need to succeed in school. Please click to give a donation. Make sure to note that your donation is to go toward the scholarship fund.