A Special Morning for Mothers of Down Syndrome Children

February 5, 2014



Laughter, good food, mothers rocking infants – the morning had all the ingredients of an informal social get-together, except that it wasn’t. Instead, thirty experienced mothers of Down Syndrome children had come to Achiya to learn about how they could best help their children succeed in their rocky path toward independence. They came armed with knowledge, and wanted good, solid answers. The first three lecturers, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist and a social worker provided the women with crucial information and responded with sensitivity and a wealth of information to their questions.


After a break for bagels, cheese and salads, one of the mothers of a Down syndrome child had us alternately laughing and crying as she eloquently talked about the unique challenges of raising a special child in a special family. At the conclusion of the formal morning sessions, some 15 women remained for an informal discussion with Sharon Moskowitz, Achiya’s staff social worker, where they received food for thought on how to juggle their many responsibilities.


For me, it was an amazing morning, shared with a group of incredible mothers.