The ADHD Parenting Workshop

August 6, 2013

power“Thanks to the workshop, I’m a different parent to all of my children, not just my ADHD child.  I have more patience for them and understand them better.  I learned to be sensitive to their emotions and accept them, while at the same keeping my position of authority.”


“It was so important for me to know that other fathers are going through the same difficulties and upheavals as I am. Being able to speak openly and discuss my dilemmas with other parents as well as with the counselor gives me the strength I need to continue to contend with the difficulties I face every day.”


36 parents – 18 fathers and 18 mothers – of children with ADHD are taking part in third round of Achiya’s Parenting Workshop series.

These Parenting Workshops are part of the comprehensive evaluation and treatment program for children in the Talmudei Torah Schools. Knowing how important parents role is in their child’s treatment, we provide parents of children with ADHD with both the knowledge and the encouragement they need to cope with their very unique parenting challenge. The sense of guilt that often accompanies raising a child with ADHD vanishes with their understanding their children’s disability and capabilities.