A Visit from the Bernard Van Leer Foundation

September 17, 2014
a delegation from the Van Leer Foundation visits an ultra-orthodox preschool.

a delegation from the Van Leer Foundation visits an ultra-orthodox preschool.

On September 10, 2014, just two weeks before the beginning of the Jewish New Year, Achiya had the honor of hosting a delegation of trustees and representatives of the Bernard Van Leer Foundation, including Marc Mateheru, Michael Feigelson, Julia Neuberger, Jacqueline Tammensoms-Bakker, Steven Kaempfer, Sam Worthingon, and Andre Betting. Over the past nine years, the Bernard Van Leer foundation has partnered with Achiya in developing and implementing its innovative Maagan Achiya Program and Creative Thinking Program., with the participation of more than 3,000 children, their teachers and their parents.


The delegation visited the Belz Talmud Torah in Bnei Brak. After meeting with members of the administration, they were invited to observe a typical preschool class and watch Mr. Avraham Tennenbaum, a Developmental Assistant at Achiya, provide developmental intervention to a group of preschool children. All the delegates expressed amazement at the ability of the male teachers to reach out to children at their own level.


From the Talmud Torah, the delegates traveled to the Achiya Learning Center where they met with representatives of the Bnei Brak Municipality, including Mayor Rabbi Chanoch Zeibert, and the Creative Thinking and Maagan Achiya Program  staffs.


Among the highlights of the morning:

  • Dr. Edith Meni Ikan’s fascinating presentation explaining the Szold’s Institutes findings on the Creative Thinking Program’s impact on the Holon community
  • Mr. Shmuel Adler entertaining explanation of the rationale behind the Creative Thinking program and Mrs. Osnat Berger’s dynamic demonstration of how the program is taught.
  • A delicious lunch, and time to meet individually with the people behind Achiya’s programs.

Achiya feels blessed to have such dedicated friends working together with us to help ALL children discover that they really can!