Wor-Wor-Workshop f-f-for Stu-Stu-stuttering

December 10, 2013

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Friday, November 22, 2013, Mr. Uri Schneider MA CCC-SLP, a clinical speech pathologist at Schneider’s Children Hospital who specializes in treating stuttering disorders among children and young adults gave a three hour workshop on the treatment of stuttering among school age children. Miri, a speech therapist at Achiya commented, “The workshop provided me with the tools to work with children who stutter. Until now, I felt inadequate to work with this specific disorder, but now, armed with the techniques that I learned at the workshop, I am feel competent to rise to the challenge.”


Over 20 professional speech therapists from Achiya and Schneider Speech (affiliated with Schneider
Children’s Hospital) as well as therapists from other organizations working with developmental delays attended the workshop. In addition to gaining valuable professional tools, the morning provided an excellent opportunity for a dynamic discussion between professionals working with different populations of children.