ADD/ADHD Center at Achiya – Bnei Brak


    · to screen boys between the ages of 6-11 for signs of ADD/ADHD

               · to diagnose and evaluate the extent of the disorder
               · to provide comprehensive treatment for the entire family

In 2015:
· Faculty at 5 schools received ADD/ADHD training
· 1,040 children between the ages of 6-11 were screened for signs of the disorder
· 95 children received comprehensive treatment
· 165 parents attended workshops and/or private consultations on dealing with the disorder

PARTNERS: National Insurance Institution of Israel – Foundation for Children and Youth at Risk








The ADHD Center provides:

Screening for signs of ADHD

In 2015 we screened 1,040 children in 5 schools. Approximately 10% enrolled in the program.
The Bnei Brak Municipality supports and oversees this initial screening.



Diagnosis and evaluation
psychological and didactic evaluations




Comprehensive treatment for the entire family
The child: Remedial tutoring, emotional therapy, group therapy (behavioral modification)

The parents:
– Separate parenting workshops for mothers and fathers led by consultants specializing in the field of ADHD
– On-going private consultations with an educational advisor and/or a psychologist
– Retreats: An annual weekend at a private resort, enabling parents to enjoy and internalize lectures and dynamic panels with specialists in the field of ADHD. TO READ MORE


Educators: Support, knowledge and guidance
– 1 Day conference for principals (attendance 110 principals of major schools) The 2013 conference      The 2014 conference

– 1 Day conference for teachers (attendance – 140 teachers)
– In house support for teachers within the school


 The program is slowly but surely impacting the community:

  • 95  children learned how to turn a challenge into an asset.
  • Parents –Are learning how to contend with their child’s disability and to provide ALL of their children with a positive and supportive family environment.
  • Teachers are discovering that children with ADHD can be reached, and are receiving guidance how to do so.
  • School Principals, as impressionable leaders in their communities, their new outlook on the ability of children with ADHD to succeed, impacts parents and teachers as well.
  • The Community as a whole is discovering that problems need to be addressed, rather than swept under the rug and that the real stigma lies in refusing to face reality.

כנס באלעד 03                כנס באלעד 07-11

   Teachers’ Symposium                                                                Informational Conference for Principals of Elad Talmud Torahs 


Children with ADHD tend to be of above average intelligence, extremely creative and capable of multitasking. With help, they can learn to harness their unique talents and become the next generation’s leaders. Instead, many suffer through school, become rebellious and wreak havoc at home and in school. Their rocky path may lead them to drug usage and crime – research has shown that 45% of convicts have ADHD.

Achiya’s ADHD Program is dedicated to finding those children and saving them – before it is too late.


Achiya innovative program was established in 2011 with the support of the National Insurance of Israel’s Foundation for Children at Risk. Its target – children ages 6-11 in boy’s schools in the city of Bnei-Brak. The city’s 172,000 citizens are mostly ultra-orthodox, characterized by large families of low socio economic status.


The ADHD Program is unique in that it provides comprehensive care to the whole child – from screening, to evaluation, to action, all within the school framework. With his special personality, the program’s coordinator, Rabbi Mordechai Be’eri has secured the community’s trust. Rabbi Beeri is a well-known, experienced educational advisor and activist for children at risk.

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