Creative Expression Therapy






GOAL: to provide emotiaonl therapy for children with severe behavioral issues.

IMPACT: in 2015 415 children received 7,069 treatments.

PARTNERS: The National Insurance Institute Foundation.

WORKING WITH: Macabee, Meuhedet, Clalit and Leumi Health Services.

STAFF: Department Supervisor and Counselor: Sharon Moskowitz – social worker

15 therapists in Music, Art, Play and Psychodrama.




mucistehrapyWhat is CET?

Children do not have the ability to explain what is causing them to behave inappropriately. It can result from something as simple as the misinterpretation of an innocent statement, to physical, emotional or sexual abuse. A child facing difficulties in the classroom often views himself as completely worthless, and acts the part. CET is one of the most effective tools and sometimes the only tool available to unlock that Pandora box of unhealthy emotions, and, through intense verbal and non-verbal communication, assist the child in working through his pain to attain emotional health.




Achiya’s CET Department 

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The  Achiya Developmental Center provides a full array of Creative Expression Therapies, including: music therapy, art therapy, play therapy, and psycho-drama therapy. Children are referred to us by remedial tutors or therapists at Achiya, school principals and educational advisors.


Achiya prides itself on its professional standards. Our CET supervisor regularly reviews client files, facilitates bi-weekly personnel workshops to advance professional standards and is available to our clients’ therapists, parents and teachers for consultations. Despite the considerable expense, we believe that this is important for our clients’ therapy.


Therapeutic sessions are covered by the Health Funds, a minimal participation fee as well as  a 16% subsidy from Achiya.


Achiya needs your help to continue! 


At present, we have a limited selection of therapeutic toys without any duplicates, a piano, a drum set and several other musical instruments. We need to purchase insulation to make the music  room into the  warm, secure and private environment  children need to express themselves without inhibition. Since we often have several CET therapists working concurrently in different therapy rooms, we need duplicate sets of therapeutic toys, musical instruments, and creative materials



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