Maagan Achiya – Early identification and intervention program in the preschools 2005-2013



pictureGOAL: Early childhood intervention to prevent aggravation of disabilities and enable integration into the elementary school framework.
HOW: screening and identifying preschool children classrooms for motor and language difficulties, developmental delays, and emotional problems; providing intervention within the classroom for those children who need it.
IMPACT: In 2015:
· 807 children screened
· 342 children received a customized intervention program within the regular preschool framework.
· The program has been implemented in Bnei-Brak and Holon, and was launched in the Talmudey Torah in Elad in January 2016.

PARTNERS: The Bnei Brak Municipality, The Holon Municipality, The National Program for Children at Risk, the Bernard Van Leer Foundation




General Coordinator: Tzali Perlstein – B.Ed. Education, Former coordinator of Educational programs for the Karev Program for Educational Involvement, 38 years of experience in informal education
Head of Program: Noa Gubi – B.A. Speech Pathology, University of Tel Aviv, Certified Teaching Degree
Yitzchak Rivkin – BA Educational Counseling, University of Bar Illan, 26 years of experience in Education
Tova Weiss – Certified Coach and Parenting Education Teacher
Michual Zadok Cohen – Occupational Therapist




Department of Occupational Therapy






Department of Speech Therapy






Workshops/ Lectures for teachers/parents



Achiya’s early identification program, “Maagan Achiya,” screens children kindergarten children ages 3-6 for motor and language difficulties, developmental delays and emotional problems. It is the only all-encompassing screening and intervention program to exist in Haredi boys’ preschools. As a result of early identification, children with minor problems receive the help they need before their problem becomes serious.



The Program:

  • Screening and identification in the kindergarten. by speech and occupational therapists
  • Referral to community clinics for children with serious disabilities
  • Developmental assistance within the kindergarten for children with mild to medium difficulties
  • Emotional identification and assistance in the kindergarten
  • Teacher workshops on child development and tools for screening and identification
  • Parent workshops on early childhood development and parenting


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