Gemara Intervention Program – Screening, Intervention and Tutoring



pictGOAL:  to screen preteen boys in their second year of Gemara study for difficulties in Gemara comprehension and provide those children in need of intervention with the tools to master the study of Gemara, enabling them to continue their studies in a mainstream religious framework.
IMPACT: In 2015
· 310 children screened
· 84 children received remedial intervention within their educational framework
  43 children received private remedial tutoring 3Xper week
  49 children attended supplementary small classes 3Xper week
· Approximately 5% of the children are referred to more intensive remedial tutoring at the Achiya Learning Center

PARTNERS: Bnei Brak Municipality, The National Program for Children at Risk





Director: Rabbi Yaakov Weingarten, B.A. in Didactic Evaluation and Educational Counselling, over 20 years experience in the field of Education


Rabbi Dovid Blinder,  certified teacher, 15 years experience in remedial tutoring

Rabbi Moshe Rozovsky, certified teacher, 10 years experience in remedial tutoring

Tutors: Yosef Kenner, Moshe Einstein, Yosef Tzvi Levi, Hartman, Elimelech Weinberger, Neilinger, Rottenberg, Rechnitzer, Yudolov


For Orthodox Jewish boys, the study of Gemara is of paramount importance. Some boys who have already successfully acquired the skills needed for general reading and reading comprehension are at a loss when they begin learning Gemara, because of the Talmud’s complex structure and unique vocabulary. If such boys do not receive the timely help they need to overcome their difficulties, they can become alienated “outsiders” who are at risk of becoming lost to the Torah world.


Achiya works within the Talmud Torah frameworks to screen children having difficulty with Gemara comprehension. Depending on the severity of the problem, students either attend supplementary group tutoring sessions within the Talmud Torah framework (up to 4 students in a group, 3 times a week, 45 minutes a session) or receive private remedial tutoring sessions within the Talmud Torah framework (3 times a week, 45 minutes per session).