Reading & Writing Division

Pedagogical Supervisor and Didactic Diagnostician: Rabbi Dovid Unger – B.A. in Didactic Diagnostics from the University of Bar Illan; in addition to his work at Achiya, he is a consultant in 38 elementary schools as well as several educational institutions out of Israel.

Didactic Advisor and Educational Psycholinguist: Dr. Gad Doer – PhD in Psycholinguistics from the Sorbonne University; Dr. Doer originated the reading acquisition program designed specifically for learning disabled Talmud Torah children.  
Remedial Teachers:

  • Yeshayahu Miller – Certified Special Ed Teacher specializing in graphomotor  and dyscalculia
  • Shlomo Kertzog – Certified Special Ed Teacher
  • Yosef Berzesky – B.A. Special Education
  • Yehoshua Einhorn – Certified Special Ed Teacher
  • Pinchas Eisen – Certified Special Ed Teacher
  • Michal Levine – Certified Special Ed
  • Fischel Bleich – Certified Special Ed. Teacher
  • Avraham Mordechai Segal  – Certified Special Ed. Teacher
  • Moshe Freidman – Certified Special Ed. Teacher