The Reference Library and the Pedagogical Database

Students at Achiya’s Teachers’ Training College need resources to help them prepare educational materials and worksheets for their pupils.




The Reference Library


Located in the same building as the Bnei Brak branch of the Teachers’ Training College, Achiya Reference Library is an important resource center for students, teachers, and professionals in the fields of Education, Child Development and Child Psychology, as well as parents seeking professional information.


The library includes:


  •  4910 titles
  •   Supplementary educational material
  •   Computerized special education programs
  •   Computer labs


The Achiya Reference Library is the only library in Bnei Brak with extensive resources in Special Education, Child Development and Child Psychology and is used extensively by students attending Achiya’s Teachers’ Training College as well as both male and female ultra-Orthodox students from the general population.


Yehudit G., graduate student working toward an MA in Education: The Achiya Reference Library in Bnei Brak is the only library that meets the needs of religious students working toward their BA or MA. The professional staff is both friendly and helpful. Yes, there are larger libraries, such as the library at Bar Illan University, and the Ariella Library in Tel Aviv, but they do not fulfil our needs. Only at the Achiya Research Library is there a wealth of information suitable for the Haredi student.


Parents of children with developmental/learning disabilities appreciate the fact that they do not have to go out of the religious environment to research professional volumes and/or use pedagogical material to find creative ways to help their children reach their full potential. In addition, since a large percentage of the Bnei Brak residents do not have internet access, many people take advantage of the library’s internet connection for research, under our librarians’ guidance.


Tehilla K., a mother of child with Down Syndrome: Ever since we discovered that our son has Down Syndrome, we started learning about his syndrome, and what we can do to help him. But without internet access, that is extremely difficult. Then we discovered the Achiya Research Library. We go there regularly. We read, ask lots of questions, do internet research, always looking for material that we can use to help our son reach his potential. Both my husband and I feel that it’s imperative for parents of special children to be informed, and we thank Achiya for helping us to become informed parents.







The Pedagogical Database 



The library’s computerized didactic database contains over 30,000 files (and the number is growing as each week teachers share their material with their colleagues), including lesson plans, instructions for arts and crafts projects, worksheets, tests, illustrated material and more, divided into subjects (including halacha, holidays, math, grammar, the weekly parshah, and more) and according to age levels.

Each week, Achiya’s Pedagogical Library sends over 3,000 emails (and that number, as well, continues to grow) to teachers throughout Israel and in 19 countries throughout the globe, containing relevant pedagogical material according to the teachers’ specific needs.


The project, brainstorm of Rabbi Chaim Rosenstein, head librarian at the Achiya Pedagogical Library located at the Bnei Brak branch of the Teachers’ Training College, was created in response to the hundreds of phone calls, some from as far away as New York (!) requesting pertinent material to help the teachers create exciting lessons.


We invite teachers, both in Israel and well as abroad, to participate in this special project. Register to receive a monthly email! Send us your lesson plans, worksheets, and innovative ideas! Let’s help one another, for the sake of our children’s education!


For more information and for registration, please contact: