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1994 teacher_hand– 2015 GOAL: to produce a new generation of professional, fully certified male teachers to serve the Haredi community and bring a new level of professionalism to Haredi education IMPACT: 5,000 graduates are teaching in the Haredi education framework, impacting the lives of tens of thousands of children 1,300 students presently attending the college

The Achiya Teachers’ Training College produces professional, fully certificated teachers to serve the Haredi community. Founded in 1994, the college is has the backing of Israel’s leading rabbinical authorities (the Gedolei Yisrael).

Twenty years ago, the majority of the Haredi population believed that formal teachers’ training was superfluous. Ninety per cent of the educators in the Talmud Torah system were Torascholars who had spent years studying in a post-graduate Yeshiva, without having received professional training in educational techniques and methodology.


Approximately 15-20% oftraining elad all children have some type of learning disability or developmental delay. Until recently, they were labelled lazy or clumsy. Today, there is a growing awareness that professional help does make a difference. Thanks to their intensive courses in special education, Achiya’s more than 5,000 graduates are able to screen their students for learning difficulties, and either give them the help they need or refer them to professional help.


The College has changed the face of Haredi education in Israel. We fill an important need: in just 20 years, we have grown from 24 students studying in one classroom in Bnei Brak to more than 1,300 students attending classes in 15 branches located throughout the country.


Learning about child development         Teachers in computer lab                       Class in session

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  Our Student Body

  • Men, between the ages 24 to 50
  • Yeshiva and Kollel graduates
  • 65% work in in the Field of Education prior to attending Achiya
  • Heads of families

Professional Advancement A high percentage of our graduates enter the workforce in a professional capacity.

  • Our program leads to a Government recognized degree that opens the doors to additional professions.
  • Our graduates are equipped to support their families with dignity.

Four Tracks of Study

 Our Growing Student Body










Branches of Achiya’s Teachers’ Training College

For more information, please phone 972-3-676-1166 extension 1