Treating children at our Learning and Developmental Centers

Child Development Centers – Bnei Brak & Elad

  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Emotional Therapy:
    • Music Therapy
    • Art Therapy
    • Drama Therapy
    • Psycho-drama Therapy
    • Play Therapy
  • Didactic and Psychological Evaluations
  • Consultations with Social Workers and Psychologists
  • Your Special Needs Day

Hydrotherapy Center – Bnei Brak


The Bnei Brak Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Learning Center

Specialized remedial tutoring for boys by certified male teachers

ADHD Center- Bnei Brak

ADHD Center – Elad


Identifying and treating children who need help

Achiya’s reaches out to the community to identify children who need help. Part of our enrichment programs is to screen children for potential problems and either provide remedial tutoring or therapy as an integral part of the enrichment program or refer the children to one of our Learning and Developmental Centers.

A Taste of Honey

Maagan Achiya – Early identification and intervention in the preschools

Creative Thinking Program

Gemara Intervention Program

Language Skills Program

The Yiddish Book Project

The Afternoon Cerebral Palsy Program


Raising awareness in the community

Parent Workshops

Teacher Workshops



Changing the educational system

Teachers’ Training College – transforming Israeli society

Four Tracks of Study

The Branches

The Reference Library

The Teachers’ Training College – an indepth look